Rio Santo Quality, Safety & Environmental policy with;

“We believe in healthy based products which to build the future on with consistent high quality and continuous satisfaction.”

Rio Santo uses only most selected raw materials preserved in oil or slightly seasoned in a natural way through Rio Santo and Yonca Industries Inc’s high technology to enhance uniqueness and taste following the Mediterranean culinary tradition.

Behind the brand there is innovative, young and solid Rio Santo team with more than 30 years of experience on both production and trade. Determining the needs and expectations of the customers, the team provides the continuity on product and service quality. They are in close cooperation with all their suppliers in order to follow-up the “Best Quality Standards” during all the steps to be taken.

The company, creating its own standards in terms of quality since it was established, puts its products into stages of quality control from the entry of raw materials to the delivery of products to consumers. Accordingly, Rio Santo continues its production without depriving itself from quality with its certifications such as RW-TÜV ISO 9001 quality certificate for oil industries and BVQI ISO 9001 and ISA CERT BRC (Grade A) and IFS (Higher Level) certificates for canneries.

This made Rio Santo brand fully stands behind Rio Santo’s “Certified Quality” of its products.

History & Tradition

Rio Santo is affiliated with Yonca Food Industry Inc. Vegetable Oil Industries were established in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone in 1981. The vegetable oil production facility doubled its capacity in 1985 and increased it up to 100 tons per day. The company also started processing canola, soy and cotton seeds besides the sunflower oil upon the initiation of a new crushing facility with a daily seed processing capacity of 400 tons in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone in 1997. In 2009, the brand of Rio Santo became a food company with an oil seed processing capacity of 700 tons and a refining capacity of 450 tons per day.

The production of tomato paste was initiated in Manisa Organized Industrial Region in 1989. Canned Industries Facilities were moved to the new facilities in Karaağaçlı, Manisa in order to meet the increasing demand of tomato products and in 1997 the product range was expanded with the pickle production as well.

Rio Santo, continuing its production activities with the Oil Industries in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone and the Canned Industries Facilities in Manisa-Karağaçlı, has obtained the biggest pickle production capacity in Turkey upon the incorporation of Saruhan Food and Canning industries in Manisa-Saruhanlı in 2010.

Using only special hand selected finest raw materials; it’s procuring total demands for fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers who make seasonal agreements with the company in Aegean and Mediterranean Region. Through its special agreements, the company is co-operating with growers not only to keep the production processes under maximum control within the plants, as well as the processes in the fields.

All selected fruits and vegetables products are filled into glass jars or cans in the automated lines, then pasteurized under pre-determined high quality Standard, all in a totally hygienic environment. Thus made Rio Santo, fully stand behind the “certified quality” of its products with strong gastronomic tradition of its land and roots.

Today, Rio Santo continues appealing to the taste buds and cuisines of both Turkish and Global consumers under its own brand and Private label, with its wide product range consisting of sunflower, corn, canola, soy and olive oil, canned products, ketchup, mayonnaise, tomato paste, various tomato products, sauces of different tastes and pickle types in the sector which it entered with oil production.